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Last update: May 2021

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Publications & COV

Our main results are published in peer revues.

in collaboration with private companies, several ornmentals varieties have been filed in Europe and the United States in the form of VOCs and 'Plant Patent'.


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A high-quality sequence of Rosa chinensis to elucidate genome structure and ornamental traits                bioRxiv "bioRxiv 254102 "

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Années antérieures

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'Plant Patent'/ COV

Plant patent (USA)

PP21, 874P2 (2011/04/19): Lonicerapericlymenum CAPRILIA® Cream ‘Inov71’, co-obtained by INRA (V. Kapusta) and SAPHINOV

PP21,839P2 (2011/04/05): Lonicerapericlymenum CAPRILIA® Imperial ‘Inov86’, co-obtained by INRA (V. Kapusta) and SAPHINOV

PP21,839P2 (2011/04/05) : Lonicerapericlymenum CAPRILIA® Ever ‘Inov42’, co-obtained by INRA (V. Kapusta) and SAPHINOV

PP22,365 (2011/12/20) : Clematis SAPHYRA® Duo Rosa ‘Cleminov29’, co-obtained by INRA (V. Kapusta) and SAPHINOV

Plant Variety Protection (COV in EU)

COV2014/2384: Abelia PINK PONG ® 'Abenov41', co-obtained by INRA (V. Kapusta) and SAPHINOV

COV2013/3280: Clematis SAPHYRA® Estrella‘Cleminov27’, co-obtained by INRA (V. Kapusta) and SAPHINOV

La liste des COV est téléchargeable ici

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